Italy Soap Making Machines for export

Vaccum drying plant

Italy new and refurbished soap making machines and saponification plants

Our dynamic and young Company is located in Italy, the Country where born the soap machines, and his mainly strength is the experiences acquired during more than 20 years, in each field of soap machines and saponification plant to produce solid soap bars. Supply of reconditioned soap equipment and professional consultant on soap manufacturing process from A to Z.

The supplied saponification plants are reconditioned following our strong technical rules and also the Customer’s specifications, to produce the required final soap (noodles or bars). The same work is does for the vacuum drying plant , the soap finishing lines and the soap packaging machines. We also sell single soap machines.

Italy Soap Equipments

SAPONIFICATION SECTION, 500-8,000 Kilos per hour:
- palm oil bleaching and deodorizing plant
- batch saponification plant in crutcher
- continuous saponification plant
- soap washing plant for glycerin

SOAP VACUUM DRYING PLANT, 1,000-6,000 Kilos per hour:
- soap pumps
- heat exchanger
- soap Atomizer
- cyclones and screw conveyors
- booster and vacuum group

SOAP FINISHING LINE, 75-4,000 Kilos per hour:
- soap Mixer: ribbon, sigma and double arm
- roll mill
- plodders: simplex and duplex
- soap cutters
- soap stamping machines
- chillers, conveyors and accessories
Nota: our smallest Plodder / Soap Extruder capacity is 80-150kg per hour capacity depending the soap noodles quality.

SMALL SCALE SOAP LINES 20-30 Kilos per hour

SOAP PACKAGING MACHINES 50-350 strokes per minute:
- soap wrappers,
- soap cartooning machine
- over-wrapper for soap multipacks

Reconditioned and overhauled soap making machines

Soaps, soap shapes and packaging gallery

Toilets rim blocks making machines

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